Seawright Custom Precast Concrete

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Precast or cast stone is a mix of sand, aggregate, cement, water, mineral pigments and other chemicals which are poured into an ornamental form and resulting in a solid product. An old world finish is created in the mold, while a sandblast finish is created after the product comes out of the mold. Precast Applications

Architectural precast concrete makes a great ornamental enhancement to your projects. You can create virtually any design and turn it into precast concrete. Precast has many advantages over other types of ornamental materials; it is more weather resistant than wood, more durable than styrofoam, and is a more visible (pronounced) feature than stucco.
Glass fiber reinforced concrete is a mixture of fine sand, cement, bonding chemicals and fiberglass strands sprayed into an ornamental form resulting in a strong, lighter weight product. GFRC Applications

Glass fiber reinforced concrete is commonly used where weight is a factor. GFRC is about 50% to 60% lighter than precast concrete. It is much stronger than precast concrete and has a beautiful smooth finish. Because of its weight, GFRC can be cast in longer than standard lengths, making installation faster and easier than with precast concrete.
Precast Concrete